High Price 

Tips And Techniques For Surviving 

Use high inflation to your advantage! Learn strategies from financial expert Bronson Hill. Get his free ebook and join his investment group for valuable insights. 

About Our Guest

Bronson, Managing Member of Bronson Equity, leads $200M in multifamily units, hosts The Mailbox Money Show, and coaches investors at Kingdom REI.

Episode Summary

Learn to use high inflation to your advantage! Financial expert Bronson Hill shares techniques on investing in oil companies and real estate for stability.  

Key Insights From The Podcast Episode

Learn about inflation and its impact on investments. Discover strategies like investing in real estate and oil companies for long-term wealth. 

Diversify your investments to leverage inflation. Consider non-real estate options like ATM machines and precious metals for a balanced portfolio. 

How To Use Inflation To Your Advantage

Educate yourself on its causes and effects. Invest wisely in inflation-resistant industries like real estate and precious metals.  

Diversify for success: Spread investments across assets to reduce risk. Stay informed, adapt strategies, and seize opportunities in fluctuating inflationary times. 

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