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Teach kids about money with Sammy Rabbit & Tiffany Grant. Learn fun ways to promote financial literacy through activities & age-appropriate concepts. Trust Sam's expert advice!

About Our Guest

Sam X Renick is a Financial literacy pioneer, creator of Sammy Rabbit. Founded "It's a Habit!" in 2001, offering stories and songs on money habits.

Make Saving A Celebration: The Deposit Dance

Transparent jars + lively 'deposit dance' make saving engaging. Celebrate each deposit for lifelong saving habit. Make saving a celebration.

Storybooks & Animation 

Get The Kids Hooked On Financial Literacy: 

Storybooks & animations hook kids on financial literacy, teaching valuable lessons while retaining their interest. Choose age-appropriate resources for optimal learning.

A Role Model 

Money Lessons Aren’t Taught At Schools: Be 

Kids learn finance by observing adults. Parents should be active role models, discussing money matters using age-appropriate language. 

The Power Of Delayed Gratification

Teach kids to save, delay gratification. Empower them for future financial choices. Instill planning, patience; benefit as they grow.

Renick’s Background 

A Philanthropic Purpose: Sam X 

If a sole proprietorship, register locally; if an LLC, register through State Secretary of State's website.

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Introduce financial literacy to kids with age-appropriate strategies from Sam X Renick and Tiffany Grant. Start now! 

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