Stress-Free Student Loans: Essential 

Debt Management Guide 

Struggling with student loan debt? Get expert tips from Dorethia Kelly on managing payments, consolidation, forgiveness, and planning for the future. 

About Our Guest

Dorethia R. Kelly, MBA, a renowned financial expert and coach, helps individuals conquer fears, achieve financial freedom, and succeed in their careers. 

Episode Summary

Get expert advice on managing student loan debt from Dorethia Kelly on Money Talk with Tiff. Learn how to prepare for the end of the payment pause.

Staying Prepared For Student Loan Payment

Prepare for student loan payments after the pause: 1) Assess your finances, 2) Create a budget, 3) Explore repayment options. Stay proactive!

Contact your lender 

Discuss any changes in your financial circumstances and inquire about new payment arrangements.

Research consolidation 

Consolidate loans for lower rates and easier student debt management. Caution advised.

Loan Forgiveness Program

Explore loan forgiveness programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Teacher Loan Forgiveness. Stay informed and check your eligibility. 

The Importance Of Mindset And Planning

Develop the right mindset for student loans. Plan strategically to pay them off efficiently. Listen to Money Talk With Tiff for valuable financial tips. 

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