Busting Small Business Grant 

Busting Small Business Grant Myths! Get the truth about grants for small businesses. Discover their potential to unlock and thrive. 

Episode Summary

Demystify the world of business grants! Join Money Talk With Tiff as we debunk misconceptions and unveil the untapped potential they hold for your small business.

 Get Grants  

Only Non-Profits Can 

Small businesses, alongside non-profit organizations, can also obtain grants, debunking the notion that grants are exclusive to the non-profit sector.

Grants Are Easy To Obtain 

Securing a grant may involve competition and effort, yet it is a surmountable challenge, not an insurmountable one.

For Any Business

Grants Are Available 

Eligibility for grants varies, as criteria and requirements differ. Thorough research is vital to identify suitable grant opportunities for your business.

Grants Are Free Money

Prior to applying, it is vital to comprehend the requirements as grants frequently entail particular restrictions or conditions for their utilization.

The Government 

Grants Only Come From 

In addition to the government, grants are offered by non-profits, foundations, and corporations, making them diverse funding sources for various organizations.

Small Business

What’s Next: Taking Action For Your 

Take action for your small business! Debunk myths, research grants, meet requirements, and submit a compelling application to unlock opportunities.

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