Seek Financial Counsel Sooner: Don't 


Get clarity on financial counseling: AFC vs. CFP. Tiffany explains their roles, helps you choose the right professional, and achieve financial goals. 

Episode Summary

Confused about financial help? Meet AFC and CFP, two types of consultants. Discover their roles and choose the right one for your needs.


What Is The Difference Between An 

AFC focuses on short-term goals like budgeting and debt, while CFP specializes in long-term goals like retirement and estate planning.

Who Can Benefit From Financial Counseling?

Financial counseling benefits individuals of all income levels, offering guidance for financial goals and ensuring progress on the right track. Seek help today!

When Should You Hire A CFP, And When 

Should You Work With An AFC? 

Work With An AFC If:

Work with an AFC if you need budgeting help, debt assistance, savings guidance, or financial counseling, available for all income levels. 

Hire A CFP If:

Consider hiring a CFP if your finances are stable and you seek long-term security, investment management, retirement planning, or estate setup.

Collaboration Is Key

Financial counselors and planners collaborate, referring clients when needed. They work together to find the best solutions for your financial needs.

Final Thought

Choose the right financial professional like Tiffany Grant (AFC) or a Certified Financial Planner to make informed decisions and secure your financial future.

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