Master the Art of Negotiation


Preparation is key for effective negotiation. Prioritize data, strategy, and prep work to maximize your meeting's success. 

Educate Yourself 

Research, research, research! Know market prices for bills, salaries, and cars. Stay informed to negotiate better deals and avoid being taken advantage of. 

Know Your Audience 

individuals or groups. Understand their priorities or key metrics. In negotiations, reach the right person for a win-win solution. 

Know What You Are Trying To Accomplish 

Define your goals beforehand to avoid mistakes. Know your minimum target and do research if needed. Find a win-win without undercutting yourself.

Have A Plan B (Or C) Ready  

Prepare alternative options when negotiating. Think beyond money, consider title changes or certifications to increase your value. Research and be flexible.

Communicate Them) 

Know Your Limits (But Don’t

Know your limits, but don't reveal them. Recruiters use your current salary to negotiate lower offers. Be cautious in early communication.

Confidence Poses 

legs shoulder-width apart, hands by side or in a V shape, hands on hips, or behind your head. Try them now.

Develop Emotional Intelligence 

Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is vital. It involves recognizing and managing emotions, improving social awareness, and enhancing communication skills.

Be OK With Silence 

Embrace silence in negotiations. Awkward as it may seem, it allows for strategic advantage, preventing self-sabotage and maintaining a strong position. 


Prepare for negotiation, understand both sides, be confident. Aim for a win-win and prioritize the other party's interests for long-term benefits.

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