How To Successfully Set Up Your Business

Starting a business? Get expert tips from Tiffany Grant on registration, EIN, and state requirements. Avoid mistakes and launch successfully. Listen now.

Episode Summary

Learn the basics of registration, including EIN acquisition and state registration, from small business expert Tiffany Grant. 

Business registration and EINs:


Registering your business and obtaining an EIN are crucial for tax purposes and must comply with state requirements.

Registering with the Secretary of State: 

Connect with your state's Secretary of State office to register your business based on its structure.

Sole proprietorship and DBAs: 

Sole proprietors using a DBA name should register through the local city or county office to establish their business identity.

Determine your business structure: 

Steps To Successfully Register Your Business

Choose between sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation for legal establishment.

Choose a business name:

Choose a unique business name that reflects your brand identity and ensure it's not already registered in your state.

Register your business: 

If a sole proprietorship, register locally; if an LLC, register through State Secretary of State's website.

Apply for an EIN: 

Obtain your business's tax ID number by completing necessary paperwork on the IRS website.

Open a business bank account: 

Open a separate business bank account using your EIN and registration documents to maintain financial separation from personal accounts.

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