How To Cancel A Credit Card

Canceling a credit card can be extremely tricky , It's  a process that requires pre-planning and careful consideration of every little factor. 

Issues Associated With Cancellation

The two ways in which cancellation of a credit card can do more harm than good are: – Leftover perks that are unclaimed – Loss of credit

Reasons For Cancellation

1. The fee you are being charged for is too high.  2. High-interest rate  3. Lack of rewards or perks 

Cancellation Of A Credit Card Demands Energy:

To cancel a card, you need to be wholly present and have to invest your time and energy in the process. You may have to make a certain number of phone calls and write a certain number of emails or letters 

The Process Of Cancellation:

Redeem Any Perks Why waste a good deal that comes with your credit card? Make sure you attain every credit that is associated with your card. 

Bring Your Credit Score to Zero

Repay every penny on your card and ensure that you have also attained the perks mentioned previously.

Apply for Cancellation 

Firstly, you need to get into touch with your service provider. This should preferably be done through a call. Then, get a mailing address from the service provider. 

Apply for Cancellation 

Once you have the address, write a letter to your service provider about canceling your credit card with your details. Having done this, you need to monitor or track your letter to ensure that it reaches the destination timely.