Financial Literacy In High Schools With 

Yanely Espinal 

Learn about Yanely's vision for equipping students with financial knowledge. Learn about proposed laws, teacher qualifications, and her book. Tune in now.

About Our Guest

Brooklyn-born Yanely educates youth about personal finance through engaging YouTube content. Director at Next Gen PF, CNBC Advisory Council member. 

Episode Summary

Money Talk With Tiff interviews Yanely Espinal, a financial literacy advocate, on equipping students with tools for sound financial decisions. Insights shared. 

Defining Financial Literacy

Financial literacy encompasses knowledge, strategies, and tools for independent financial decision-making. Early unbiased education is crucial, especially for high school students.

In School Curricula 

The Movement To Include Financial Literacy 

In the US, there's a push to teach financial literacy in schools, including a full semester for high school students and "just-in-time" teaching.

Financial Literacy 

The Proposed Law On Incorporating 

To enhance financial literacy education, the law must address: teaching authority, teacher qualifications, graduation criteria, and curriculum integration timing.

Yanely’s Book: “Mind Your Money”

Yanely's book, "Mind Your Money," provides practical guidance to enhance financial literacy and support her vision of empowerment.


Explore Yanely Espinal's podcast and book for financial literacy insights. Join the movement for better education and share your ideas on social media. 

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