and 3 Essential Action 

Emotions and Money: 3 Key Avoidances 

1. Don't Compare Yourself To Other

Three Things To Avoid

Don't compare yourself to others. Focus on your own progress and be grateful for what you have.

2. Don't Let Your Emotions Drive Your 

Spending Decision 

Think twice before spending impulsively. Pause, reflect, and assess your needs. Delay purchases by 24 hours to avoid costly emotional decisions. 

3. Don't React Without Doing Your 

Research First 

Make informed choices by researching before reacting. Avoid regrets and save money by gathering facts before making financial decisions. 

Three Things To Do More

1. Educate Yourself On Personal Finance

Learn personal finance for better financial decisions. Get resources online, read books, attend classes, and seek advice from advisors. Educate yourself!

2. Talk About Money With The People 

You're Close To 

Talking openly about money with loved ones can reduce stress, improve relationships, and enhance financial planning. Start the conversation today! 

3. Set Financial Goals For Yourself

Set specific financial goals for a secure future. Save for a down payment, pay off loans, build emergency fund. Revisit and adjust goals as needed. Keep progressing. 


Make smart money choices, stay mindful of spending, save wisely, and embrace learning from mistakes for financial success. 

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