Credit Mastery for Millennials and 

Gen Z  

What Is Credit?

Credit revolutionizes transactions, benefiting businesses and consumers with deferred payments, with repay later business model.

The Three Major Credit Bureau

Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian are crucial credit bureaus in the US, collecting financial data used by lenders. Access all 3 reports at

Credit Score And What It Means For You

Your credit score reflects your creditworthiness. It considers payment history, debt levels, and credit history length, among other factors.

The 5 C's System

The 5 C's system assesses loan applicants based on character, capacity, capital, collateral & conditions. Understand lenders' criteria for successful applications!

Free Options To Check Your Credit Score

Check your credit score for free and protect your financial wellbeing. Use Credit Karma or check with your bank—don't delay, stay informed!

What Are Some Things I Can Do Now?

Learn how to clean up your credit score by calling creditors, negotiating debts, and disputing inaccurate information. Improve your credit and wait for results.


Understanding personal finances is crucial at any age. Learn about credit ratings and take charge of your financial future. Start today!

What Are Some Common Credit Myths?


Checking credit score won't hurt it; carrying a balance won't boost credit; closing cards can harm credit. Common credit myths debunked.

What Should I Do If I Have Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit, check your report for accuracy, negotiate payment plans with creditors, build positive credit with secured cards, and monitor progress. 

What Can I Do To Improve My Credit Score?

Verify report accuracy, pay off debts, make on-time payments, use secured card wisely, monitor progress regularly.

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