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Cracking Medical Bills: Insights from Dr. 

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About Our Guest

Dr. Virgie Bright Ellington: Internal medicine physician, patient advocate, medical billing expert, author, and host of "HEALTH, WELLNESS & MEDICAL BILLS" show.

Episode Summary

Learn to navigate the US healthcare system and pay fair prices for medical services. Dr. Ellington reveals key steps in medical financial literacy.  

What Is Medical Financial Literacy?

Master Medical Financial Literacy. Dr. Ellington reveals a foolproof method to pay medical bills, save money, and escape financial stress. 

Medical Provider

Step 1: Request CPT Codes From Your 

Take charge of your medical expenses. Obtain CPT codes from your providers—essential barcodes for medical services, ensuring industry-wide standardization.

Retail Price

Step 2: Determine The Fair/Lowest  

Find fair/lowest prices for medical services using CPT codes. Check AAPC CPT Lookup or CMS Medicare Fee Schedule. Avoid overcharges in your bills. 

Payment Plan

Step 3: Negotiate An Interest-Free 

Negotiate an interest-free payment plan with your medical provider based on Medicare costs, ensuring budget-friendly payments for stress-free bill settlement.

Tips For Those With Insurance

Ensure accurate billing with insurance by requesting an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for services. Verify CPT codes to avoid overpaying. Stay informed.

Final Thought

With Dr. Ellington's guidance, conquer the US Healthcare System effortlessly, save money, and secure financial stability. Expert advice at your fingertips.

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