Cancel a Credit Card to Avoid Unwanted Charges 

Consider impact before canceling a credit card. High fees or rates may justify closure. Evaluate effects on credit score.


Should You Cancel Your Credit Card?

Clear credit card balance, avoid canceling cards with fees, move subscriptions, maintain a zero balance for a healthy credit score. 


1. Pay Off The Balance

Call issuer for credit card matters. Clear issues, logical steps & reliable info. Verbal is better than email. Be firm, note details, get address. 


2. Call The Issuer’s Customer Service

To cancel your credit card, send a detailed letter including your info, account number, request for closure, and proof of cancellation.


3. Send A Letter Of Cancellation

Review credit reports annually. Check for errors, dispute inaccuracies. Monitor regularly for fraud. Verify closed accounts for impact on score. 


4. Investigate Your Credit Report

Dispose of the card securely to prevent further use. Cut or shred it to erase its existence completely. Process complete.


5. Dispose Of The Card

Consider debit cards over credit cards post-cancellation for appealing spending aspects and enhanced security. 


Debit Cards Over Credit Card



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