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Building Wealth From The Inside Out With 

Unlock true potential & power: Dr. Michael Thomas explores wealth, happiness & internal wisdom in "Black Financial Culture: Building Wealth From the Inside Out 

About Our Guest

Michael G. Thomas Jr., Ph.D., AFC: Financial counselor, researcher, TED speaker, founder of Modom Solutions, author of Black Financial Culture.

Episode Summary

In this episode of Money Talk with Tiff, Dr. Michael Thomas reveals how understanding our financial habits can unlock our true potential.

Money Without Wisdom Is A Liability

Money alone isn't the answer, wisdom matters. Without it, money becomes a liability. Cultivate discernment for joyful and valuable spending. 

Financial Behavior 

The Role Of Past Experiences In Shaping 

Dr. Thomas reveals how past experiences shape financial behaviors, emphasizing the importance of understanding emotions and challenges for healthier habits.

And Emotion 

Open Conversations About Money 

Open conversations about money and emotions build healthier financial mindsets in families. Dr. Thomas advises discussing both to prepare children for their financial journey.

Living Abundantly

Living abundantly is more than money. It's a holistic mindset, embracing personal growth, self-care, relationships, and meaningful activities.

Engaging With “Black Financial Culture”

In Community 

Dr. Thomas emphasizes engaging with 'Black Financial Culture' in community, fostering collective growth and a powerful path to financial freedom. 

In Conclusion

Unlock your true potential for success and fulfillment by nurturing a mindset that embraces abundance in all aspects of life. Build wealth from within.

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