Uncovering Their Features and Benefits

Are Keogh Plans Right for You? 

Types of Keogh Plans

Learn about the two main types: Qualified Defined Contribution Plan and Qualified Defined Benefit Plan.

Qualified Defined Contribution Plan

Discover the features and benefits of a Keogh plan that allows contributions and potential tax advantages.

Qualified Defined Benefit Plan

Explore the characteristics of a Keogh plan that promises a fixed retirement income based on salary and service years.

Tax Benefits of Keogh Plans

Uncover the potential tax advantages, such as deductible contributions and tax-deferred growth, offered by Keogh plans.

Comparison of Keogh Plans with SEP 

and 401(k) Plans

Understand the differences and similarities between Keogh plans and other retirement options.

How to Set Up a Keogh Plan

Step-by-step guide on establishing a Keogh plan, including eligibility requirements and administrative considerations.

Keogh Plan

Factors to Consider Before Setting Up a 

Evaluate factors like income stability, retirement goals, and contribution limits when determining if a Keogh plan is suitable for you.


Summarize the key points and considerations to help you determine if Keogh plans are the right fit for your retirement strategy.

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