6 DoorDash Tips That Can Help You Earn More Money

Track mileage with apps like Everlance to save on taxes. IRS standard rate is $0.58/mile. Enhance business efficiency too.

Use A Mileage-Tracking App


DoorDash's Fast Pay lets you instantly withdraw money to your bank, but at $1.99 per use. Frequent use can exceed $500/year.

Stay Away From Fast Pay


Utilize DoorDash's Peak Pay & challenges to boost earnings. Capitalize on busy times for extra income.

Take Advantage Of The Peak Pay


Wear their brand tee or clean attire at work. Clear appearance for quick service. Neat look boosts tips.

Dress For The Job


Deliver orders with care: Keep hot and cold items apart. Invest in insulated backpacks for optimal temperature control.

Separate Hot And Cold Item


Inform customers about delays like restaurant wait times or traffic. Keep it balanced; notify for delivery slowdowns.

Stay In Touch With Your Customer


Boost earnings with DoorDash tips! Get paid more for the same work. Try tips that suit your area. Good luck! From Wealth of Geeks. 

Ready To Get Paid More And Supplement Your Income?



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